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  • JULY 25th 4:00PM,

    JULY 26th 4:00PM,

    JULY 27th 4:00PM,

    JULY 28th 4:00PM, 

    JULY 29th 7:00PM

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    Stunt Comedian

    Introducing Stunt Comedian WackyChad! His award-winning, action-packed, and interactive stunt comedy show will blow your mind. With his extreme pogo stick stunts and big tricks, WackyChad! delivers a delightful entertainment experience that will leave you roaring with laughter and applause in amazement. As his own witty master of ceremonies, WackyChad! improvises and banter with the audience, making the show even more engaging and interactive.

    WackyChad!'s pogo stick skills, charmingly funny jokes, and wild antics have earned him appearances on America's Got Talent (twice!), The Gong Show, Das SuperTalent (Germany), ESPN2 for PogoPalooza (World Championship of Pogo Competition), and even a performance at the Super Bowl. With his talent and experience, WackyChad! has wowed audiences in 26 different countries, making him a true global sensation.

    Prepare to be astonished and entertained as WackyChad! fills the stage with big tricks and huge laughs! If you're looking for a fun and unforgettable experience, don't miss out on this amazing show. But be warned, if you don't like laughing, this isn't the show for you! Follow WackyChad! on social media with @WackyChad.

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    Award Winning Documentary Film

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  • Career Highlights:


    • Over 25 Countries, Hundreds of Repeat Bookings
    • America's Got Talent, The Gong Show
    • NFL Super Bowl XLVIII, LA Clippers & Pelicans Halftime
    • Over 1,000 School/College Shows
    • People's Choice: Sault Ste. Marie, Eustis, & Kingston Buskers Festival
    • Most Extreme Award: Port Credit Busker Festival
    • Best Trick Award & 1st Place AMJAM PogoPalooza
    • Affordable & Expensive
    • Impressive, Funny, Good Looking, & Professional

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    "your show is incredible!"

    - regular person

    Performing since 2004

    it's the same person!

  • Self-Contained Show = Easy Travel + Quick Set Up.

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    Technical Requirements:


    Hard Flat Surface

    Firm Stage, Section of Street or Sidewalk


    WackyChad is a self-contained show which includes:

    1. Speaker, Wireless Microphone
    2. Remote Music & SFX,
    3. Cords to plug into any sound system if needed.
    4. Shows can be 1 - 60 minutes, Average show length is 45 minutes long.
    5. Show breaks down to be super portable/flyable. One checked 50lb golf bag. The rest is carry on.
    • Can perform a full comedy show on a really small stage/area or hard grass/dirt - minus a few tricks.
    • Tall unicycle can be shortened to 5‘ feet, 7‘ feet, or 9' feet
    • 14‘ foot height clearance is needed for pogo stick backflips & 9' tall unicycle
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    Show Includes:

    Award Winning Pogo Stick Tricks, Tall Unicycle (5',7' or 9’), “Dangerous” Juggling, Skateboard Tricks, Tiny Bicycle, Balancing, Comedy, Audience Participation, & Other Miscellaneous Tricks.

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    Strolling Entertainment

    Magic Tricks, Comical Gags, Funny Interactions, Jumping Stilts, Tiny Bicycle, & Much More!

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  • YouTube.com/@wackychad
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